ABOUT SHAW   /   The Beginning 1924-1933
The Beginning 1924-1933
Origin of the Shaw family line
The Shaw family line began in the Ming Dynasty when a young man named Tu Pin was promoted by the Emperor Hongwu to the post of County Governor of Zhenhai, Ningbo.

This prompted his family to move to Ningbo from the Yanzhou Prefecture in Shandong where they lived.

At first the family adopted the name of 'Tu' but in later years changed it to reflect the name of the neighbourhood in Ningbo where they lived - 'Shaw'.

There, the Shaw family resided until the reign of the Ming Emperor Zhengde when a first generation Shaw, Ji Wu, migrated to Dongxiang, Hantang Town in Zhenhai. It was in Hantang Town that the Shaw family made their home for over 300 years.

In Zhenhai, Ji Wu took upon himself two wives and had four sons, namely Yu, Kui, Hsi and Chang. Shaw Yu found fame when he was commended by the Emperor for lending his crops for famine relief and was bestowed the title of honourable subject of the Ming Empire. From Shaw Yu, the line continued through his son, Shaw Wan Chi. From Wan Chi until the present line of Shaws today would span 17 generations.

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